The head coach always makes the difference!

Let me show you how to build a team of your people, not a team from somebody else.

As a company grows and experiences success, it is a clear indication that the concept and/or the company has gained a footing and acceptance in the marketplace, most oftentimes the result of the passion and vision of the entrepreneurial owner. In order to grow and evolve further however, the dependence shifts towards the team. It is the team of your own homegrown talent in your company that begin to take priority in making the difference between ongoing and consistent growth and development, or simply stalling in place. In order for the team of people to truly make a difference, it is ultimately the coach that always makes the difference.

Throughout my career, I have made consistent analogies between the restaurant business and team sports, as I believe team sports have a lot in common with the typical restaurant, bar or foodservice company. Teams, not individuals win championships, and well run businesses are indicative of a team of individuals that have a strong leader who possesses a clear vision and game plan, much like any good head coach does as well. The pool of talent that is available to the restaurant business is analogous to the talent pool that is available every year at draft time for every NFL football team but why is it that teams and coaches like the New England Patriots and Bill Belichick are always at the top of the league and teams like the Jacksonville Jaguars and an ever-changing roster of coaches is consistently found at the bottom of the league year after year? I offer it is because of the coach and the game plan he has for drafting players, training players, giving honest and regular feedback to all players to achieve the end purpose of winning every game, and ultimately resulting in many Super Bowl and NFL championships.

This same commitment is required in the restaurant business to win. There are too many competitors in the marketplace to leave things to chance. You get ahead of the crowd and the competition by being transparent and honest with your people, giving them regular and formal feedback, challenging them with objectives for personal improvement that align with the overall business or organization. If you do this well, it has been my experience that the business or the organization positions itself for greater success, which then translates into growth and development…..and, what better way to grow your company than with people that understand you, understand your mission and game plan, and can help you achieve greater success? You win, they win, your customers win….and that, spells success.

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