Would you like a long line of waiting customers on opening day?


How to open a restaurant to a built-in crowd of your own customers.

I have been an integral leader and part of opening over two hundred restaurants throughout my career, with the bulk of those all different from one another. Back in the day, I opened a business like everybody else….we built it, and then waited for the customer base to come. In most instances they did, due to our commitment to high quality food and beverage delivered with excellent service and great value. Then, along came computerization, social media and an entirely different platform for entrepreneurs and restaurateurs to use to communicate with their customers.

My game plan for opening restaurants changed when this monumental shift and change in societal habits towards simple communication changed. I have a methodology to build customized and databases BEFORE the doors open, so that lines can be enjoyed and managed from the very first day. In select instances, this has resulted in databases resulting in thousands of names to communicate anything you want to in the short weeks and days prior to opening. In addition, all of this is attracted for a minimal cost when compared versus conventional advertising. My results = the “buzz” begins sooner, cash flows sooner, more satisfied customers turn on more customers sooner, the team is jazzed from day one, etc.

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